New things are always buzzing in our apiary!  With 60+ hives in our beeyard, our local, raw wildflower honey is produced and extracted on site in our honey house. Interested in beekeeping? Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in getting started! 

Check out what is buzzing in our apiary:

  • Raw, local wildflower honey
  • Specialty honey-
  • Orange blossom, clover, and buckwheat
  • Seasonal extraction demonstrations
  • Seasonal observation hive
  • Custom extractions available
  • Bee-themed gifts, decor, and apparel
  • Beekeeping equipment and nucs 
  • All-natural, pure honey and goat’s milk bath and body products
  • Beekeeping Seminars (offered in April-See event page for details!)

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Educational Bee Videos